eOrder – is a sales force automation software designed for distributors.

Managers should control one thing – EVERYTHING.

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For Managers

  • Set objectives - set goals for the group, and decides what work needs to be done to meet those goals
  • Making sure the job gets done – track and encourage sales reps daily progress
  • GPS tracking – See where your sales reps are

For Sales Reps

  • Stock Availability – is always up to date.
  • Make a sale – just with one click.

Complete Product list

With complete product descriptions and categories of the tree. Sales reps can actually see how his products should look at the store, saving time and being efficient – it is our goal, to make it easier for you.

Product catalogs

Let’s say you have a customer A, who is buying from you thousands of fruits per month, nothing else. Your client B is only purchasing a plastic cups from you. With eOrder it is simple to create a specific catalog for a customer A (just fruits) and B (just cups). Save time, and be more productive!

Changing Stock availability

Your sales reps are always updated what leftovers they do have left in the stock.

Customer price lists

eOrder makes it easier for you to create a different price lists for a different customers. Everything is being done, just with one device.

Promotions and shares

All kinds of difficulty. It is our job, to make sales, stress-free for our customer. With eOrder your sales reps can see what specific promotion they can give to the clients.

Customer credit information

eOrder saves you time and money. Sales reps are never going to go overboard and sell something to the client, who haven’t paid before or his credit line is exceeded.

Visitation information

When your sales rep looks at the calendar, he sees what dates he have been at a specific store and when the next visit is.

Historical sales info

Helps your sales reps to see what exact products they have sold to the customers before.

Special pricing availability

With eOrder, sales reps are able to create an order list with a specific price for different clients.

Existing document price reduction

Sales reps can change already existing document price with eOrder. We have created a tool that helps your sales rep to do everything, just with one software program.

Ability to work Offline

Your sales rep work is going to stay updated and saved. As soon as he will get data service, their info are going to be updated right to the back office.

GPS tracking

sales Managers can always track their team and know exactly what is happening.


2 week FREE trial


  • Unlimited Admin Users
  • Email Support
  • Free Updates
  • 24/7 support

Yearly Payment


  • Unlimited Admin Users
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20% savings

Monthly Payment


  • Unlimited Admin Users
  • Email Support
  • Free Updates
  • 24/7 support

Monthly Payment Plan - Client is paying 25 Euro per rep and payments are being charged one month up front.

1 - Year Contract - Client is paying all amount 1 year up front. 20 Euro / 1 rep per month. Savings 20%.

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